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Business Consulting

From idea through your first few years, we can walk you step by step though the process of elevating your idea into an official business. From business planning, branding, finance or forming an LLC. We know all the steps to get you up and running.

IstheCITY Mini-Site

Not ready for a full website with all the demands of design and marketing it. Get an IstheCITY Mini-Site with a domain name to more easily create a website that has information about your business or event and connect with your clients. at a much cheaper cost.

Personalized Apparel

After you got your business started and website up, its time to take your brand to the next level. We can assist you with branded materials with your personalized logo or text. From T-Shirts, Polos, to decals, banners, fliers, letterheads and more we got you covered.

Domain, Website & E-Mail

Give a brand a personalized home on the web. Nothing adds value to your brand more than a website and personalized email. It lets potential clients know you are serious about your business while giving them quick access to what you do and and how you can asset them. We can set this up for right now.

IstheCITY Listing

How that you have your business or event the hard part sometimes cant be getting people to patronize. We can help you by listing your business or event on the Isthe.CITY app where we can help bring your venture to people in your area. Listing is easy for anyone with Apple, Android, and on the web.

Event Planning & Promotion

Have a great idea for an event? Promote your even here on the Isthe.CITY app and also on the for locals to find your event. We can also assist you in event photography, videography, corp event planning, catering, banners, t-shirts and more.

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UX Designer

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How can I use IstheCITY to promote my business or brand?

How can I use IstheCITY to promote my group, myself, or my brand?

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